Jan 15, 2013

That's Not Really A "Free" Replacement

A few months back I bought myself a Nexus 7. I absolutely adore it. If you have played with one, you understand. One of the few add ons that I wanted was a stylus. So off to the store I went. I ended up buying a Targus Stylus for Apple iPad (that's a whole other bitch session, why companies make products specifically targeting Apple products when they work with everything) for about $14.
The stylus worked well enough, but after a month the tip fell off. Disgruntled, I went to twitter to voice my dissatisfaction. Surprisingly, they tweeted back.
Feeling pretty good now because they actually paid attention, I called. The customer service rep, Jacob, was nice enough. He took all my information, and told me the instructions would be emailed to me about how to get a replacement. I was still happy.
The next day I checked my email and read through the instructions. They had created a return merchandise authorization, FOR A STYLUS. They also say I must ship it back via FEDEX or UPS. So I get to spend $10 shipping a $14 item back for a "FREE" replacement. This is ludicrous. I understand that they don't want to send out a free stylus to anybody that calls to complain, but how about sending a coupon for a replacement and have me take back the bad one to the point of purchase? There has to be a better way. Instead of replacing my stylus, they lost a customer. I now know that Targus does not stand behind its products, unless you are willing to pay for them a second time. What a joke.

On a happy note, I just received 10 styli for less than $3 shipped on Amazon. They work great. So long Targus.


Wayne said...

Echoing your disappointment: my Targus dual video/USB3 port has had intermittently-corrupted video since I bought it, and Targus tech support has me through lots of unhelpful and time-consuming driver changes. Now, to get it replaced I have to send it in (at my cost) ... and they won't "cross-ship" replacement even if I supply a credit card, so I'd have downtime of a couple weeks on what is sold as a business-productivity tool. So,I'm buying a replacement (Kensington) then will sell the Targus replacement unit (or stash it away in case the Kensignton fails :)

Burk said...

To their credit the targus Twitter account read this post and sent a request for me to email them, but I'm done dealing with this.