Jan 15, 2013

That's Not Really A "Free" Replacement

A few months back I bought myself a Nexus 7. I absolutely adore it. If you have played with one, you understand. One of the few add ons that I wanted was a stylus. So off to the store I went. I ended up buying a Targus Stylus for Apple iPad (that's a whole other bitch session, why companies make products specifically targeting Apple products when they work with everything) for about $14.
The stylus worked well enough, but after a month the tip fell off. Disgruntled, I went to twitter to voice my dissatisfaction. Surprisingly, they tweeted back.
Feeling pretty good now because they actually paid attention, I called. The customer service rep, Jacob, was nice enough. He took all my information, and told me the instructions would be emailed to me about how to get a replacement. I was still happy.
The next day I checked my email and read through the instructions. They had created a return merchandise authorization, FOR A STYLUS. They also say I must ship it back via FEDEX or UPS. So I get to spend $10 shipping a $14 item back for a "FREE" replacement. This is ludicrous. I understand that they don't want to send out a free stylus to anybody that calls to complain, but how about sending a coupon for a replacement and have me take back the bad one to the point of purchase? There has to be a better way. Instead of replacing my stylus, they lost a customer. I now know that Targus does not stand behind its products, unless you are willing to pay for them a second time. What a joke.

On a happy note, I just received 10 styli for less than $3 shipped on Amazon. They work great. So long Targus.

Jan 2, 2013

How hard can this be?

I hate to vent on the same subject twice but here goes anyway. How hard is it to make a decent set of earbuds? Recently I purchased another set via a fundraiser for a coworkers high school aged kid. The idea behind the fundraiser was solid, and unique: 1 set of locally made earbuds with remote for $20.

Once again I envision the makers of these buds as people who never use them and don't have any idea the practical use they have.

Decent sound quality
Remote works
Locally made

Cord is way too short (3 feet from jack to buds)
Only 1 size of buds (my ears are tiny and I couldn't jam the XXXXL size they gave me into them)

These may seem like minor gripes to somebody that doesn't use their buds everyday, but this is very annoying to me. I cannot put my phone in my back pocket and turn my head while wearing these. Adding a foot of cord would completely fix this. Yes, I have tiny ears(my wife thinks they are endearing so back off) and not putting 3 sizes of buds in is just lazy. I had to rip some off of the other sets I had to replace these gigantic ones.

All I want is a set of buds with decent sound, a remote, a long enough cord, and made for a tiny ear. You would think that after 20+ purchases I would have found this. Arrrrrrgh.

Feb 3, 2012

Are You With Me?

If you aren't familiar with SOPA, PIPA, or their spawn PCFIPA, please research and decide where you stand. I choose to stand with the Constitution. Censorship is WRONG. Write your Congressman or Senator. Especially if your Senator is Orrin Hatch. He introduced PCFIPA after supporting SOPA. He is my Senator and I will not stand for this. Even the name of PCFIPA is a scare tactic. Do not let your elected officials take away your rights.
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Jan 12, 2012

From My Youtube Channel To You

In honor of the Crimson Tide's latest BCS Title, I pulled out the oldest game I have on tape; the 1993 Sugar Bowl in which Alabama rolled over the undefeated Miami Hurricanes and the highly touted and freshly announced Heisman Trophy Winner, Gino Torretta.
Although I am a big time Alabama football fan (Roll Tide), this video demonstrates why I will never believe that they make any athlete go to class, and therefore will not be sending any of my kids there for schooling.

Dec 26, 2011

Lego Star Wars Advent Finished

Thanks for following us through our adventure opening all of the days.

Republic Cruiser 1

Nute Gunray On His Chair 1.5